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Home Games Bubble Cooking
Rate: 8.7 Rate 3 Votes
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Shoot Bubbles to complete levels.

Collect dishes of food for rewards.

Spice up your games to get the best results.

Bubble Cooking is a classic bubble shooter setting you on a worldwide kitchen tour, using the classic shooting style, collect points, food and stars to work your way from country to country. By matching 3 or more bubbles of food you can make them drop into the cooking pans and earn new foods as you go.

Once you have chosen your chef you are instantly taken to the kitchen, where you will shoot bubbles to complete each level. As you progress you will earn stars, coins and cash. These can be spent on powerups known as spices, each spice adds a different ability, from blowing up all the bubbles near it to matching the bubble it hits. As well as those you can use the cash to buy special permanent boosts.

The stars are collected by scoring points, and you need at least 1 start to be able to finish the level. Once you collect a certain number of stars you open a chest, which contains cash, coins and free spices. The coins and cash are available for purchase from the game for real money, and the you can also make requests from your friends on Facebook for items you need.

As you play through the levels you will sometimes collect dishes of food, once you complete a set you will receive a bonus, such as coins or spices. These set items are a random chance, so you may have to replay a country to get all of the dishes. Once again these can be traded from friends too.

At the bottom of your bubble screen are several cooking pots, and a heat meter, as you drop bubbles form the top they will land in the pots and score points. As the heat meter moves up your pots will release steam. This steam acts like a pinball machine, and if a bubble hits it it will bounce back up and gain even more points. Your heat meter goes up when you pop bubbles and down when you miss.

This game is smooth and easy to play, with some fun little twists and the food flavour really goes through every aspect of the game. The spice boosts are powerful and can give you a much needed boost on the harder levels. The shooter is accurate, and the variety of challenges and colours is a nice addition to the game.

Bubble Cooking is a fun version of the classic bubble shooter, with some interesting ideas and a very well designed interface and bubble shooting system. With the option to collect items and trade them with your friends you can keep playing and getting the bonuses. Bubble Coking is a really nice way to pass the time and enjoyable. Bubble Cooking Summary