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Play Crystal Island the newest match 3 game around. Collect magical amulets as you match the crystals in this fabulous Facebook Game.

Match the coloured crystals to catch the amulets.

Create special crystals by matching combos.

Use amazing boosters to help you.

Crystal Island is a new match 3 style game that is free to play on Facebook, by matching the gems you are able to collect the amulets. To complete a level you have to complete the amulet, often this will be split into smaller parts.

When you play a game you can match 3 or more gems to make them pop moving more gems and the amulet pieces down from the top. There are also special combo gems that you can make for spectacular results.

Matching 4 in a row creates a star bomb, matching a star bomb with 2 more of its colour will blow up all the gems in a square around it. Making an L shape will give you a Fire jewel, this jewel will blow up a whole line vertically and horizontally when matched with its own colour. Finally you can make a Rainbow Cube by matching 5 in a row. This will blow up every gem of 1 colour.

In addition to the special gems you have Albert the monkey on a platform. Whenever you create a special gem Albert will gain a charge. When he is full he will throw cubes at the board that will randomly remove up to 10 gems. This happens automatically and can be very useful for you.

There are also special boosters that you can purchase for coins, both before the level and as you play. These vary from extra moves to starting the board with a Rainbow Cube. Each booster has a different cost, and they are all purchased for coins.

You begin the game with 55 coins to spend, and for every 10 minutes that you play you will receive 1 extra coin. It is also possible to buy the coins from the game for real money. Simply go to the add coins section.

In every level you will have to make sure that you collect all of the amulet pieces within the number of moves that you have. Towards the end of your moves an option to buy extras for coins also appears. If you fail to collect the amulet you will lose one of your 5 lives, but they will refresh over time.

As well as collecting amulets, as you travel around you will also find special items for your camp. These will be granted to you every few levels and there are a few to collect. Completing the camp, as well as certain other tasks will complete an achievement.

Crystal Island is a fun game to play, the ability to completely control you boosters is nice, and getting coins just for playing is a simple way to collect them. Collecting the amulets is fun, and adds a new dimension to the match 3 genre.

With really smooth graphics and a fun gameplay there is nice polished feel to the game. The addition of Albert the monkey is a nice touch and can really make the difference in a level. Overall Crystal Island is enjoyable to play for all the family. Crystal Island Summary