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Play Indy Cat the stunning match 3 game played free on Facebook.

Match the colored gems together.

Mix special gems for spectacular results.

Use special boosters to complete levels.

Welcome to one of the best looking match 3 games, with fantastic gameplay, amazing boosters and adventurous cats. Indy is looking for treasures and the mysterious ball of fate has been stolen. Its up to you to dive into the portal and save the day.

Using your match 3 skills you will adventure through over 600 levels of gem matching action. Each level has different goals for you to get, from scoring a certain number of points to breaking the tiles beneath gems and more.

These levels will either have a timer or a limited number of moves, and every time you finish a level you will be able to earn stars, you must score enough points for at least 1 star per level. If you don’t manage to complete the goal you will lose a life, but they refresh over time.

When you match the gems together they will disappear, and new ones drop from the top. If you match 4 in a row you get a gem that destroys a whole row, an L or T shape makes an exploding gem and 5 in a row makes a colour bomb that removes all of 1 colour.

There are also other amazing boosters that you can use. As you progress through the levels there are boosters that you unlock. From removing 1 gem in a square to beginning a level with special gems. You will begin with 1 for free, and for each day you log in you can also receive more boosters.

Boosters can also be purchased for bows, these bows are available for purchase for real money, and you can also trade them with your friends that play. You can also trade lives and the more people you invite the more boosters you will be able to use.

The gem match games themselves are really fun to play, with clearly visible gems that you match. Controlling the game is easy, and using the boosters is simple,they are all above the board in the top right corner.

The graphics in Indy Cat are really good, especially outside of the match 3 game. Indy and the other cats are beautifully animated in 3D and the map has little touches that move around and as you progress you will be able to see some fun things.

Using only 1 currency is an interesting idea for a match 3 game as most use 2 or more. Though the restriction to buying them for real money can be a little frustrating, the addition of daily bonuses and 30 free bows balances it out.

With a stunning gameplay and lots of levels Indy Cat is a very enjoyable game to play. There are some very nice little touches and some of the levels are very fun. Stunning graphics mixed with a simple but addictive style makes Indy Cat a fantastic game to play. Indy Cat Summary