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Home Games Timeless Gems
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Play Timeless Gems the newest match 3 game Free on Facebook, with amazing new style and fabulous games you can adventure with Alice in Wonderland.

Match new fun items and gems for a variety of objectives.

Move Alice round the board to collect items by matching dice.

Earn and use fantastic boosters to help you finish the story.

With a new take on the classic match 3 style, Timeless Gems is new and brings something different and fun to this much loved game. With new items to match each game and fun extra objectives there is a whole new world to explore with this fantastic game.

From your first level you are taken straight to the action, where Alice has stepped through the rabbit hole, using match 3 games you will need to help her and the Rabbit. Each level has a main objective, and bonus objectives that will get you more stars for completing them. At any point in the game you can press the pause button to view all of your objectives.

In each level there may also be extra items, and objectives going on outside of the match 3 board. As an example in many levels there will be dice, if you match them up Alice will move around the board a number of times equal to the dice used. Each time she moves she will collect coins, and other items such as cake.

On some levels the objective will be to move Alice around the board a certain number of times, or to collect certain items that you create by matching a unique object. With these unique changes the possibilities for levels are endless, and this has created a fantastic game in Timeless Gems.

Matching more than 3 gems together will also create a special gem, 4 gems makes a Line Crasher that destroys a whole line, matching a T or L shape creates a crossfire gem, blowing up everything in an area. Matching 5 gems in a line creates a special Hyperstar that will remove all of 1 item on the board at once.

Using these powerful combo gems, either by themselves or by matching them together will clear the board very quickly and can help you finish an objective. Completing an objective will earn one or more stars. As you earn more and more stars you will increase your level, each new level comes with its own title and the next level may need more stars to gain.

The game is divided into book chapters, and each book needs 6 chapters to complete. To finish each chapter you will need to play the last level and open up the bonus game. The last level will have a special item that you need to match to full up a power bar, once this is done you open the bonus game.

These bonus games are timed, and you will have to collect a certain amount of a particular item, for example cogwheels or special letters. If you don’t manage to complete the bonus level first time and you still have time left on the last level, you can refill the power bar and try again.

If you fail a level you will lose a life, and these will refresh over time and you will also be able to ask friends for lives. As well as lives there are also boosters that you can use. These boosters are available for purchase from the game instantly, and as you progress you will win some for free that you can use.

These boosters have a variety of special abilities, and can be very powerful, even clearing a whole board full of gems and items to match. Earning them can take a little time as you don’t get them that often, but much of the game can be played without these boosters.

With some fun graphics and a huge range of options for objectives Timeless Gems has so much to do. With new content being developed all the time too you won’t find yourself running out of content.

The match 3 games are fun and innovative keeping the game fresh and exciting. Following Alice through this much loved story in this way is fun for the whole family and this theme runs through the game boards themselves. Timeless Gems is a truly unique and fantastic version of match 3 that really will keep you wanting more. Timeless Gems Summary