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होम गेम्स Mahjong Match
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Match the tiles on the conveyor to clear the board.

Earn and use Powerups to win.

Fast paced Mahjong action.

Mahjong Match takes this classic game and adds a new twist. Instead of matching tiles already on a game board, you match them from a moving conveyor belt. The tiles keep on coming, and if you fill up the conveyor you lose a life. As with normal Mahjong you can only match the tiles on the edges of the board.

As the tiles slide across, you can pick it up, and drag it to the matching tile on the board, if you pick up the wrong tile, you can drop it into a box and it will come back on the belt after 10 seconds. Not all of the tiles that come onto the belt will be on the board, and some of them will be locked behind tiles so you will need to clear those before you can use the ones on the belt.

Every tile that you match will give you points, and will count towards unlocking a powerup. The powerups will either be a bomb, that clears the line on the belt of all tiles, or a wand, that will highlight all tiles that can be matched, and where you can put them on the board. The powerup bar is a dragon shape, and will slowly drop over time, so to get the powerups you need to match the tiles fast.

Mahjong Match is an interesting new idea for this classic game, the gameplay is a little awkward as sometimes the tiles don’t register, and if you misclick it takes time to drop the tile and pick up a new one. The graphics are basic, but the tiles are very clear. The powerups take a long time to charge up, sometimes you can clear a whole level and not get one although some of the levels are quite small.

The free version has a small number of levels that repeat, and you can buy the full version from MSN Games, the free levels can go past quite fast, and they tend not to change that much. The full game is not that expensive, and has a comprehensive 35 levels of gameplay, as opposed to the few you get for free.

Mahjong Match is a refreshing idea and works well especially if you prefer a faster pace. The limited number of levels for free is a bit of a drawback but Mahjong Match presents itself well, and is fun game to play. Mahjong Match सारांश